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Should the Ruler Always Keep His Word?

It is possible to present power from an unusual perspective. This task was the most relevant to Machiavelli and he managed to open the eyes of his fans and follower and the coming generations on the real essence of power, and on power of the words. In the majority of cases Princes are focused on their own interests. They are selfish and prudent; they do not care about their people at all. Machiavelli has been focused on the relevance of the ruler and the meaning of his word. Further on this paper considers controversial and challenging moments of the statement that a ruler should not keep his word. A word of a ruler Machiavelli inspires readers. They love him for sincerity, unexpected expressions, feelings and emotions. Machiavelli claims: “One ought not, of course, to call it virtu to massacre one’s fellow citizens, to betray one’s friends, to break one’s word, to be without mercy and without religion. By such means one can acquire power but not glory” (Prince online). Nowadays, the majority of politicians are focused on power. They consider it as an enormous blessing and there is no doubt that even the modern politicians cannot look further than their nose. ...
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Should the ruler always keep his word? [Name] [Date] Introduction Machiavelli is a famous Italian clerk, who bore in mind creative and powerful strategic ideas about the relevance of reign. He was focused on the issues of power. From the very childhood and his early years he felt a strong patriotic charge…
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