Ethical Dilema on Abortion

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[Professor’s Name] [Writer’s Name] [Course Title] [Date] Ethical Dilemma on Abortion Numerous states in the United States of America have been locked into a fierce debate over the issue of abortion being legalized. However, disregarding the legality of this act, it is essential to focus on the morality of the issue as well.


Instead, one also needs to focus on the “ethical dilemma on abortion” (Ethics Score Board). Before understanding the different theories that surround this moral debate, it is necessary that the definition of abortion be stated. The definition tends to include two meanings: to give premature birth before the fetus is able to form a life of its own, which may be because of a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion, and the other includes the woman’s termination of a pregnancy intentionally. Various feminist and pro-choice groups often regard the intentional abortion as a choice that the woman in question can make for herself. The trend for abortion is on the rise, which includes a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, according to a famous philosopher, Judith Jarvis Thomson, every individual has a right to live, and this right is also extended to the fetus. Therefore, in a way abortion is taking away that right. However, what about the right of the woman to control her own body? Hence, this is a central debate (Butts and Rich 73). The paper, henceforth, addresses the various theories that consider abortion as something not morally permissible for a variety of reasons. Analysis of various theories is essential in order to defend this argument. ...
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