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Ethical Dilema on Abortion - Essay Example

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The paper, henceforth, addresses the various theories that consider abortion as something not morally permissible for a variety of reasons. Analysis of various theories is essential in order to defend this argument…
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Ethical Dilema on Abortion
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Ethical Dilema on Abortion

Numerous states in the United States of America have been locked into a fierce debate over the issue of abortion being legalized. However, disregarding the legality of this act, it is essential to focus on the morality of the issue as well. Abortion has many trade-offs that involve a variety of values including a sense of where people come from. While the use of the right to abort can be legalized, the legality of the issue does not hold as much weight since this requires the elimination of some form of human life. Instead, one also needs to focus on the “ethical dilemma on abortion” (Ethics Score Board). Before understanding the different theories that surround this moral debate, it is necessary that the definition of abortion be stated. The definition tends to include two meanings: to give premature birth before the fetus is able to form a life of its own, which may be because of a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion, and the other includes the woman’s termination of a pregnancy intentionally. Various feminist and pro-choice groups often regard the intentional abortion as a choice that the woman in question can make for herself. The trend for abortion is on the rise, which includes a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, according to a famous philosopher, Judith Jarvis Thomson, every individual has a right to live, and this right is also extended to the fetus. Therefore, in a way abortion is taking away that right. However, what about the right of the woman to control her own body? Hence, this is a central debate (Butts and Rich 73). The paper, henceforth, addresses the various theories that consider abortion as something not morally permissible for a variety of reasons. Analysis of various theories is essential in order to defend this argument. The pro-life view, which is opposite to the pro-choice view (those who support that abortion is every woman’s reproductive right), puts much weight on the fact that the fetus should be understood as a human being. Such groups also state that life begins at the time of conception, which means that killing a living being is murder and morally impermissible. Unless there is harm to the life of the mother, the fetus needs protection. The pro-life view also includes a variety of religious scholars as well, who quote passages from the scriptures to put forth their argument of pro-life. In Exodus 21:12, the verse states that anyone who murders anyone else should also be put to death. The group also considers the abortion of fetus to be included in this, because fundamentally, the fetus has gained life. This is also illustrated in the verse from Luke 1:41 in the New Testament “the baby in my womb leaped for joy,” which sheds light on the idea that since the baby leaped, it is very much alive (Butts and Mirch 75). And this “right to live” is also supported by the philosophical stance of Immanuel Kant and the Divine Command Theory. When it comes to understanding moral and religious issues, Divine Command Theory is perhaps the best. According to Cowan and Spiegel, the divine command theory is able to “provide sufficiently clear moral direction and an adequate sense of duty” (qtd. In Dunstan). This theory considers abortion to be against religion and morality because God does not support it, which has been supported by the verses quoted above. Additionally, a situation from the biblical scripture Exodus 21:22-24 has also been analyzed to state that abortion is wrong. The situation included a woman suffering a miscarriage because of two men arguing. Although this was an abortion, the scripture condemns the loss of life because as Cowan and Spiegel say, “The life of an unborn child is as valuable as that of an adult,” according to Christian belief (qtd. in Dunstan). There are verses which illustrate that life was bestowed on the fetus from the moment of conception, and God has ordained the entire life of that unborn fetus. Therefore, these precious unborn babies also ... Read More
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