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Final Paper Outline [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] Introduction Cases in which a person loves life but wanted to die due to distress and pain of ailments abound in the modern society. Such people not only suffer internal pain but have also lost parts of or whole organs, making normal body functioning rather impaired.


Even as medicine seeks to save these extremely sick people, debate continues to rage on whether these deteriorated and tortured lives in excruciating pain should be ended or not (Terman et al., 2007). While some people opposed assisted suicide outright, others feel that legislations to allow physicians to end the lives of patients suffering from terminal illnesses are in order. However, such patients’ or their guardians’ or parents’ consent must be obtained prior to terminating their lives. This paper explores the two sides of the raging debates on assisted suicide. Supporters of Assisted Suicide There are several reasons for which cross sections of the population support the ending of terminally ill patients’ lives. First, assisted suicide should be legalized since people should be accorded the right to choose whatever they want to do with their lives provided they do not interfere with or endanger others’ lives (Terman et al., 2007). That is, peoples’ right to choose freely should also cover the right to choose when to end own life. People whose diseases or handicap cannot allow them to end their lives should have the right to be assisted to end their lives and such a right should be granted and respected. ...
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