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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Summary of the patterns movie It is apparent that the death of Briggs had a lot of controversies especially on the sides of Ramsey and Staples. As Staples takes the heart of confronting Ramsey, the issue of Aristotelian paradigm takes course.


On the other hand, Ramsey was compelled to enter into an agreement with Staples due to the situation that made him kill Brigg. However, his moral grounds were based on what was best in accordance to nature in the prevailing circumstances. Rationale for Epictetus response to the proposed strategy adopted by Staples The main teaching of Epictetus is on ethics. On his discourse, he lays out his ethical principles, which were formulated in forms of arguments in order to cure human souls (Guthrie 122). In the case of Staples’ proposed strategy, Epictetus could have argued that one has to abandon the attitude of a private individual and fulfill the ideal of a man in a moral progress. In this regard, it is true to argue that Staples ought to have stood on his morals and do what was right without compromising it with the job offered to him by Ramsey. This should also have been in line with what Aristotle argued to be the practice of good actions. Although Staples could have decided to take Ramsey’s offer basing his take of the position by reasoning as a means to living a life of virtue, his caveats seemed to contradict his morals. However, his decision to warn Ramsey about what he felt concerning the death of Brigg was such a good move, which shows his virtues. Nevertheless, Staples can be argued not to be fully committed to his moral virtues. ...
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