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Emotion and Reason - Essay Example

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For instance, if a person is happy and he writes a poem about her state it will motivate the readers to respond to the same state though they were not before. Following this, emotions may only perpetuate if logic and reason do not exist. The emotions may build up too much and one may not understand the need of these emotions. With this in mind, Plato concludes that even destructive emotions can be positive if one employs reason and logic to enhance a deeper understanding along with truth. This is summed up by the three components of human mind, which are desire, emotive, and reasoning parts. In his model, Aristotle believed that emotions are in split module but centred by ethical standards that result to desirable emotions. In this context, the right emotions are established from the principle of living a moral life. While people with desirable morals have right emotions those with undesirable life are vice versa. Aristotle believes that morals must harmonise with emotions and when they are combined dictates the human functioning. In his view, when one has a pure reasoning, the more one has the right emotions briefed in three components spirit, appetite, and spirit. Lastly, Stoics' conceptions of the good life regard that for one to achieve a true well-being one may require virtues, which are not inborn but inherited. The stoic account constructs the concept that human beings are born with an awareness of themselves and environmental factors dictate the state of well-being. According to Stoic, virtues are the sole foundation of happiness and all beings are capable of achieving these virtue. Failure of comprehending what is good leads to desirable emotions such s grief and anger (Haidt & Baron, 1996). In my opinion, Plato concept makes the most sense in that he recognizes that emotions can be constructed. In great thoughts, he highlights how poets construct emotions to readers despite lacking the stated emotions. Indeed, destructive emotions can be positive if one employs reason and logic to create a deeper understanding. For instance, a murder may desire to undesirable act out of self-gain but through logic and reason on what he would benefit may be a token it would create desirable emotions to him. This is what Plato defines as constructing emotions. Basically, the problematic aspect of Aristotle and the Stoics argument can be outlined on their concept that the more one has a pure life the more one has right emotions and the fact that environmental factors determines the state of being. In reality, Pluto proves that even destructive emotions can be positive if one use reason and logic to augments truth. Question 2 Master-slave analogy has been one of the recurrent metaphors to describe the relationship between reason and emotion. For various eminent thinkers including Plato, Stoics and Kant, reason is ought to be the master of emotions or passions. Do you think that this analogy righty captures the relationship between reason and emotion? Why, why not? Discuss by using the relevant readings In my opinion, Master-Slave fails to capture the relationship between emotion and reason as it highlights two propositions. First, it suggests that emotion and reason are separate entities and secondly, reason should rule emotions since it is the greater one. Before highlighting the approach of reason and emotion, we will briefly explore the concepts of different ancient ...Show more


Emotion and Reason 30th, July, 2012 Question 1 How do emotions function in Plato, Aristotle and the Stoics' conceptions of the good life? Which approach, in your opinion, makes the most sense? Why A model advocated by Plato on emotion affirms that happiness is the vital element in human beings…
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Emotion and Reason
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