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Comparing of World Views - Essay Example

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Comparing of World Views

Among some of the worldviews in contemporary society are realism, liberalism and neo-liberalism. The subsequent sections offer an in depth comparison of the worldviews in light of understanding, their impact upon individuals, cultures and nations. Realism Worldview The realist worldview holds a pessimistic ideology of state relations, global politics and peaceful cohesion. According to, Thomas Hobbes, a world renown theorist of classical realism, “Where there is no common power, there is no law; where no law, no justice. Force and law are in war with the two cardinal virtues.” Consequently, the realist worldview contends that global politics is a constant fight for power, control and position by the partisan state interests. Thus in the quest for asserting power and influence, realists believe in military strength as a benchmark. In most cases the military strength is put to test and consequently places the threat of warfare and violence on the world (Griffiths, 2012). Furthermore, the realist view places responsibility on states as the major factors that influence actions in the world. Moreover, the human rights of individuals are violated over state interests. According to the realist worldview, there exists a lack of higher state authority to maintain order and global peace. As a result, the world is in a constant state of anarchy and states are compelled to maintain a high level of personal protection and defense. States are in constant lookout for ways to bolster their security and boost power. Consequently, the states with greater military capacity foment and assert their strength by intimidating or attacking other states. Thus, according to this worldview, war is not only a possibility, but inevitable. In a nut shell the core tenets of realism are that global politics are defined by power over justice, the struggle for power and the balance of power results to stability. Liberal Worldview The liberal worldview takes on a more positive stance in relation to world politics, the optimism of peace and state relations. According to Dworkin, a renowned liberal theorist, equal concern and respect are the basic tenets that government should apply in governing citizens (Dworkin, 1977). Moreover, John Rawls, a famous liberal political theorist, states that the legal system of any society must ascribe to the principles of justice and fairness. Furthermore, he adds that a liberal society flourishes from the rational decision making of human beings and consequently results to good life (Rawls, 1971). The roots of liberal worldview are attributed to Immanuel Kant’s philosophy book entitled “Towards Perpetual Peace.” Kant believed that global peace was a reality through Free State federations that promote security and international order. Furthermore, he stated that an independent legislature was fundamental in checking the powers of republican governments. Consequently, the basic tenets of liberal worldview criticize the realist worldview by emphasizing on cooperation, cohesive existence and peace in the quest for world transformation. Furthermore, the liberal worldview believes in the possibility of global cooperation in contrast to power struggles. Moreover, liberalist worldview disregards anarchy and power struggles that are hypothesized by the realist worldview. The overriding reason forwarded is the interdependence of states that shape the reality of contemporary world politics. Modern day liberal theorist such as Kymlicka, offers a refined political liberal theory in ...Show more


Comparison of World Views (Name) (Course) (Section) (Date Due) (Tutor) Introduction The worldviews relate to the explanation, understanding and interpretation of the world that consequently define the philosophy that govern the basic tenets of life and society…
Author : howardfarrell
Comparing of World Views essay example
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