Ethical Debate on Assisted Suicide

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Ethical Debate on Assisted Suicide Name: Institution: Assisted suicide is a controversial ethical debate because both its legality and illegality undermines most of the basic moral principles by which humans live. The main areas where ethical debates arise in regard to assisted suicide include political (in view of the constitution), religious and social fronts.


This is because they have adequate knowledge to assist persons commit suicide. The ethical debate on assisted suicide is not as recent as most people assume. Examining the principles of medical ethics sheds light on these issues. In the 4th century B.C, the Hippocratic Oath took precedence as guidance to doctor patient relationship. One section of this oath holds that the doctor should not administer, or advice persons to administer lethal drugs. The Platonian philosophical error focused an immense deal on not only the moral but also the psychological (social) and theological (religious) questions on suicide. However, the ancient debates on suicide and assisted suicide for that matter take little account of the self. Instead, these debates focus on the social role and responsibility of the person committing suicide. Religion, on the other hand, takes a rather different approach. In Christianity, for instance, killing is wrong whether done to self or others. The contradiction is that most religions hold the virtue of compassion with endearment. While other parties will use this same virtue to root for assisted suicide, religion still views it as wrong (Gorsuch, 2009). Philosophy, like most religions, acknowledges the human ability to distinguish right from wrong. ...
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