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Memorandum To: From: CC: Date: Subject The impressionist and post-impressionist paintings are styles of aesthetics or arts produced by artists in 1870s and beyond that provide visual impression to onlookers over exquisite scenes of nature and scenes illustrated with primary colors and reflection of lights.


The other three post-impressionist paintings that I will choose are Paul Gauguin’s Fleurs dans un vase avec partition musicale; Edward Le Bas’ Thames from Rotherhithe; and, Paul Gauguin ‘s Yellow Christ. The Riviere et falaise is perceived by Courbet as symbolic of freedom and the painting expressed his passion for liberty (Courbet-Gustave, 2012). Courbet is among those who engaged self in a realist movement and had positioned himself in figurative landscapes, compositions and seas but depicting the semblance of social issues specially those of peasants and labor (Courbet-Gustave, 2012). Courbet wanted to show the realist’s mission for truth and the contradictions evident in society. The artist explored his passion for oil painting while he was in Paris in 1839 at Steuben and Hesse studio. He was strongly influenced by Victor Hugo and George Sand, Rembrandt, Hals, and some Dutch masters (Courbet-Gustave, 2012). This painting which showed the rivulets of river and nature will be displayed at the visitor’s lounge area to evoke natural beauty. The river is also perceived as the passage of abundance. It is inspiring to welcome guests and visitors with the aesthetic concept of abundance. ...
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