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Scientific laws do not describe true facts bout reality

powers of atoms) of what is to be explained. Answer True False Question 4 According to Hempel: Scientific explanation is causal explanation. Answer True False Question 5 According to Hempel: In the Deductive-Nomological (D-N) model of explanation, the explanans must include statements of initial conditions. Answer True False Question 6 According to Hempel: The fact that the explanations scientists actually give often do not satisfy Hempel’s criteria for adequate D-N or Inductive-Statistical (I-S) explanation is a strong criticism of Hempel’s D-N and I-S models of scientific explanation. Answer True False Question 7 According to Cartwright: Fundamental explanatory scientific laws, like the law of gravity, describe how bodies actually behave. Answer True False Question 8 According to Cartwright, component “forces” are not real forces at all because they do not have effects; only net or “resultant” forces have effects. Answer True False Question 9 According to Cartwright, the only way scientific laws can be used to explain is if they are restricted to very narrow categories of events and objects because only so restricted are the laws true. ...
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Instructor Date PART 1 Scientific laws do not describe true facts about reality Question 1 According to Carnap: If the concept of “magnetism” is accepted as having explanatory power despite its being unobservable, Dreisch’s concept of “entelechy” should be accepted as having explanatory power despite its being unobservable…
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scientific laws do not describe true facts bout reality
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