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Child Labor Your Name Name of the Instructor Course Title Date of Submission Child Labor Perhaps the most vulnerable socio-demographic groups in any society of the world comprise children, senior citizens, the physically and mentally disabled, refugees of war and civil strife among others.


The question at the heart of this issue is an ethical one, however it has several complex facets, a discussion of which is instrumental to any critical probing of the issue. It is relevant here to allude to Barbara McKinnon’s seminal work Ethics: Theory and Contemporary Issues wherein the author studies contemporary moral debates in conjunction with dominant ethical theories. One can apply the theories of both Intrinsic Good and Instrumental Good in a debate arguing against child labor. While the former argues that child labor is ethically incorrect since it leads to the exploitation of an arguably defenseless section of the society, the latter states that the burdening children with work inappropriate for their physical and psychological development shall also stunt the growth of the individual child and thus of the nation (McKinnon, 2010). Modern ethics can be broadly divided into two approaches- the consequentialist and the deontological. ...
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