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[Name of Student] [Name of Lecturer] Philosophy [Date] Conceptual Art Introduction Conceptual art refers to a type of art that focuses more on artistic ideas and concepts than it does on the traditionally highly regarded beauty and material aspects of artwork (Shelley 363).


Conceptual art also questions the nature of an artwork and more radically interrogates the numerous assumptions that surrounded artwork in earlier times. For instance, conceptual artists question the assumption that artists only make unusual kinds of material items. The problem of conclusively defining art and conceptual art is perhaps the reason “conceptual art” has been used to refer to all the contemporary artworks, which do not fall under the traditionally known arts such as painting and sculpture (Corris 45). Although common in current society, some artists disagree with the philosophy of conceptual art, citing the confusion of the words, conceptual and an artist’s intention. One should therefore avoid confusing the word “conceptual” and an artist’s intentions for a piece of work. This paper explores the philosophy of conceptual art, evidently a topic of interest to many in the subject of philosophy of art. Principles of Conceptual Art Conceptual art is perhaps one of the artistic movements surrounded by many debates and controversies since it seems to provoke powerful emotions and reactions in audiences. That is, although a good number of audiences agree that conceptual art is not only refreshing but also relevant to modern times, others find it rather repugnant and shocking kind of art. In fact, others feel that conceptual art is not art at all. ...
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