The notion of Peace

The notion of Peace Essay example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Philosophy Introduction Peace refers to a state or a period of harmony characterized by the absence of violent clashes. Normally referred to as the lack of hostility, peace also portrays the presence of healthy established interpersonal or global relationships.


This paper will evaluate Dr. Abigail Forsythe’s argument. Question 1: Conclusion of Dr. Abigail Forsythe’s argument In summarizing Dr. Abigail Forsythe’s argument, it stands to be vague as opposing peace portrays a senseless mind. Trying to justify the activities of the armed forces as a way of bridging peace comes out as under reasoning. Instead of stating that people should have given war a chance in 1939 and peace in 1946, the chance of peace should have been embraced in both 1939 and 1946. This would have saved people a lot of suffering. As long as individuals remain imprisoned in the field of self-oriented reasoning, they can easily justify their brutality to others. They excuse their tough eyes and supremacist rankings, ignoring the suffering they cause to others, and continue on rationalizing their actions and blocking awareness of the reality of their feelings and their fundamental oneness with other humans. Question 2: Important premises of Dr. Abigail Forsythe’s argument Dr. Abigail Forsythe’s argument has four main premises, of which some stand as cogent arguments and some as irrational. One premise holds that saying people should not avoid war because of its inconveniences is insane because they do not avoid giving birth to babies even though they come with their own inconveniences. ...
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