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According to Michael Atlee, it is the embodiment of God’s beauty. It is a recreation of the spontaneous reality drawn from life’s responses and can be expressed in whatever way suitable.


This can be through word art or poetry, sculptures, a beautiful painting among others. Consequently, it is the greatest illusion imposed on the wills of mankind as an alternate reality. Hence, it is suffice to say that art has a profound and immeasurable impact on the lives of human beings. Foremost, art is the expression of life and consequently enhances our awareness and appreciation of nature and the gift of life. The artistic visual impression of nature’s scenery such as the sun, rivers and wild animals, enhance the intrinsic value of life and elucidate a sense of nurturing and care by human beings. Second, art is a tool for communication that is used to convey special messages of a social, economic or religious connotation. Hence, it is the voice that reaches beyond the canvass, provokes thought and shapes the perception of people pertaining to the message conveyed. Third, art impacts on the moods of people by eliciting both positive and negative emotions. For example, visual or musical art can stir positive emotions such as happiness, optimism or peace of mind. While some darker form of art, such as those expressing war or hunger, can provoke negative emotions such as depression, anxiety or anger. Consequently, these emotions can affect the daily life of a person in a positive or negative way. Furthermore, art contributes in the building of local and global relations. ...
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