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Human enhancements and the race for space exploration - Research Paper Example

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Human enhancements and the race for space exploration

It is for this reason that political rivalries such as the Soviet Union and the United States focused all their strengths and intelligence to show off the world about their capability enhancements on the other hand has improved especially in the medical sector. It is unclear how to classify enhancements that reduce disease and death and the arena of medicine has many practices that do not cure diseases or injuries such as preventative medicine, palliative, plastic surgery, obstetrics, fertility or cosmetic dental treatments (Roache, 1997). Can space exploration and human enhancements change the face of humanity as we now know it? [This is the first time you’ve mentioned space exploration. Before you launch into your questions, you need to introduce this thought and connect it more directly to human enhancements. This is confusing.]What enhancements have the possibility of changing the way we live on a day to day basis? Will these enhancements have a significant impact on American families? Scientists are working on amazing technology such as mapping the human genome, three billion chemical letters, centered around one minute molecule; human DNA. The possibility of understanding disease and the mechanism through which genes are transmitted through generations has scientists constantly working on this code as though it was a multi-million dollar sweepstakes and in a way, it is much more important than any quantifiable sum. [This is a very vivid, fanciful sentence that grabbed my attention. Good job!] Modern day marvels such as Viagra, Botox, and serotonin reuptake inhibitors leave scientists posing the questions,’ will there soon be a major difference between the enhanced human being and the unenhanced human being. Is this a recipe for conflict and disaster or human and race improvements? Primitive forms of enhancement such as steroids came about with minimal changes to the race though major enhancements such as robotic surgery, Nano-technology and stem cell research promise to make much bigger splashes in the pool of humanity. Microchip technology, robots used in manufacturing, military and police organizations continue to perform amazing technological feats. Household chores will become much easier and being able to afford such a domestic privilege in the next ten to twenty years may be something that more and more people attempt. Global computers take advantage of billion-transistor chips and exponential changes have been unprecedented in recent history. The Department of Defense takes advantage of robotic technology, modern medicine and therapy also take advantage of robotic technology, are these magnificent creations soon to be available for every American and at what cost or sacrifice will they bring to the American family as we know it? Mega giants such as NASA continue to develop sustainability technology for the troubled earth but one must wonder whether this technology will develop quickly enough to make a substantial difference in the environment and the ozone. Space exploration has been placed on hold for the near foreseeable future but NASA still develops technology, much based on what has been discovered in prior space exploration. This paper attempts to examine these questions and explores the possibilities that exist in the world of human enhancements. Methodology A complete literature review will be done on human enhancements as they are now and what is projected in the ...Show more


Human Enhancements and the Race for Space Exploration Instructor University Name Date Research Proposal Technology and innovation both move at a very rapid pace. Human enhancements and space exploration are an emerging topic of great interest in applied ethics…
Author : jaime03
Human enhancements and the race for space exploration essay example
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