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Name Course no. Instructor’s name Date Charles Darwin Biography of the philosopher Charles Darwin, the son of Waring Robert and Sussannah, grandson to a scientist Darwin and potter Josiah Wedgwood was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. With the demise of his mother at the tender age of eight, Darwin was brought up by his sister.


It was at this time that he gained interest in plants, animals, insects and geological samples under the guidance of his cousin William Darwin who was an entomologist. In the mid 1830s, Darwin had made scientific inventions under the motivation by his then professor of Botany, Stevens Henslow (Darwin, 42). Henslow is also instrumental in enrolling Darwin in surveying mission of HMS Beagle to Patagonia (Ruse, 4). From this expedition, Darwin has a set base for his future operations in zoological and geological unearthing. At this time Darwin had developed relations with Sir Lyell Charles, which earned him the secretary place of the Geological Society (Burkhardt, Pearn& Evans, xiv). By 1839, Darwin had married Emma Wedgwood. Ruse indicates that at this time Darwin was gaining experience from the Downe where he lived (5). He committed his life to science, though he succumbed to Chagas's disease for a long time. It was at this time that he uncovered the issue of the origin of species and what came to be known as natural selection in the Darwinian Theory. In the late 1850s Darwin was able to compile his pieces to his famous book, The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. Critics of the book were witnessed, though Darwin kept publishing more works. After a long period of illness, Darwin passed on leaving eight kids. ...
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