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Introducing the new drug, FEELGOOD, in the market is subject of discussion regarding numerous philosophical effects and theories.


Argument Analysis and Evaluation According to naturalists, the world exists naturally. However, this school of thought assumes that the existence of reality is independent of the observers; thus, the observers should categorize and record these observations (Algra 251). Therefore, a well-developed philosophical accounts leading to any reality must be analyzed against the effects to humanity and world’s naturalist. Moreover, the activities of this reasoning must follow well-organized logical standards. The Aristotle’s ethical views may appeal to a rational reality determination of matters of existence of the universe, but acceptable behavior development and attitude confirmation is needed for proper reasoning towards assessing the reality in the world. Thus, only right characters can properly develop assessment of the world and react to such developments in line with creating values and virtues of these characters within the society (Algra 264). Despite of the contribution of philosophers like Aristotle, it is vital to note that reality often exist regardless of human reason and human activities. Regarding these assumptions, Hedonist and Stoic philosophers derived different social and ethical theories that can be used to examine and explain any intended changes in the nature.
Hedonism is a philosophical argument that defines happiness as pleasure created by avoidance of pain. However, in the contemporary world, the hedonist views can be understood as allowing an individual to peruse pleasure without analyzing the other effects on such actions (Algra 622). In fact, Epicurus was opposed to the quest of the bacchanalian pleasures especially regarding extreme sensuality. ...
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