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Ethical Issues on Abortion Name Institution Ethical Issues on Abortion Top evangelical leaders in the US have singled out abortion as the greatest moral issue facing US currently. Abortion by definition refers to the termination of pregnancy before the foetus becomes viable (Clark and Rakestraw1995, P.


It is noted, however, that Christians are the most affected since they view abortion as an act of killing which is against the Biblical teachings. Catholics are seen as being at the forefront in trying to raise objections to abortion since they are pro-life crusaders’. The ethical issues on abortion not only affect centered on religion and politics but also on the clinical profession (Clark and Rakestraw1995, P. 26-29). This is because it impacts on the work performance of clinicians in making decisions as to whether to carry out abortion on the patient or not. The purpose of this paper is to discuss ethical issue regarding abortion. It will how discuss how best the ethics of abortion can be responded to both socially and politically. The paper will conclude by identifying what practical lifestyle actions I might take to limit my susceptibility to, and my participation in, the morally problematic behaviors that my lead to abortion. Abortion in America became legal in every state after the 1973 Supreme Court’s ruling in a case of Roe v. Wade (Hinman 2009, p. 6-8). It is reported that prior to this landmark ruling, the legality of abortion was decided by each state. During this period, abortion was illegal in 20 states but illegal in 30 states. The Supreme Court ruling in Roe V. ...
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