A report to Technology as Systems: Knowledge or Power module

A report to Technology as Systems: Knowledge or Power module Book Report/Review example
Book Report/Review
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Technology Name Institution Technology as System and Power Introduction Technology became an integral part of the organizational setup throughout the world, during late 1990s. This trend resulted in higher dependency of organizational practices, on computer and network technologies in recent years.


However, the growing utilization of technology has pushed organizations, to invest ample amount of investment in managing information systems. This changing paradox caused firms to shift concentration from their primary objectives towards the secondary ones. Technology is the most dynamic field, because of its fast-paced innovations; therefore, organizations are having a hard time maintaining their growth in parallel to this industry. The major organizational need is to train their employees, according to the changing technological scenario of the market, in which they are competing. On the other hand, commitment to adapt to the changing technology could result in serious future ramifications. Because if the organization adopts a new relatively preemptive technology in order to take a competitive edge in the marketplace, but finds its systems inefficient, due to ill trained staff, then the company would be in need of technical consultants. It will increase their operational costs, thus cause a significant decline in profit margins. At the same time, machines are considered neither good nor evil in their fundamental nature (Pacey). Based on the argument, technology does not cause organizations’ profitability to drop, but its ineffective implementation does. ...
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