Bonds, which tie people to the places they live.

Bonds, which tie people to the places they live. Essay example
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There are bonds, which tie people to the places they live, the community that they were raised and the people they are related to. These bonds are a fundamental part of who the human being is and it is very difficult to destroy that bond because to do so would be almost equal to destroying ones’ humanity.


It is often in the midst of an environment that is foreign to them that people tend to have a feeling of nostalgia for their previous lives, which was their comfort zone, and actually regret the cutting of those bonds, which tied them to their previous lives. It can be said that severing old ties or bonds is a necessary part of an attempt to gain one’s freedom from cultures, which have only a one-dimensional view of the world, and learning about other cultures. In this way, people end up being more cosmopolitan and by being cosmopolitan; it encourages them to have a more focused view of the world, free of the prejudices, which often make people very narrow-minded. The question that one should ask himself is whether they made the right choice in severing their old bonds or whether they should have kept these ties. One of the most important bonds that human beings have is the bond to family. This is the bond that one does not choose to have, and is instead born into and it is the closest bond an individual can have. Family is very important thing to the human being and it is the first society that he experiences. ...
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