What do you think comprises reality?

What do you think comprises reality? Term Paper example
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Philosophers have shown in various ways that substances exist in different forms, depending on individual perception. They range from material to immaterial and finite to infinite. This paper will discuss several arguments pertaining to the nature of substances.


We do not have a direct perception of substances in minds, but only a representation of them. What we know is not what is inherent to the substances, but only the secondary and primary qualities. Thus, according to Locke, the substances are bodies, which are material, and souls, which are immaterial. Then there is God. He explains the existence of God, not from inherent ideas, but from sense-experience. Their basic substance is assumed from the perception of physical qualities, since qualities must have a solid basis. Likewise, a spiritual soul is formed from the observation of mental operations. We perceive bodies through sensation and have a lucid and instant idea of our soul by reflection. The outside world is independent of the mind. The presence of real objects is what causes real sensations in us (Tully 53). Locke further says there are interactions between the body and mind, both of which are real beings, resulting in the actions of our bodies and minds. The changes experienced by the soul are as a result of its being acted on by outside bodies. On Locke’s third substance, God, he provides that we shape an idea of God by expanding or taking to infinity the rules and objects of our sensations and reflections. What we experience are existence, extension, knowledge and power. Taking them to infinity is our idea of God (Tully 67). ...
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