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non verbal communication

Therefore, non-verbal communication will always be a part of our lives whether intentionally or unconsciously. Non-verbal communication helps us unfold what a person has not told us. This is referred to as judging of internal states. Through non-verbal communication, an individual can express his or her feelings, emotions, attitudes and perceptions (Samovar, Porter & McDaniel, 2009, 244). For instance, an individual may not admit that they are shy, but through their nonverbal communication, another person will be able to realize their shyness. It is thus essential in helping us understand people much better. Through non-verbal communication, an individual is also able to know when another is lying or when the information being told through speech is false. Therefore, non-verbal communication helps us understand the inner part of a person. This is also because; unlike verbal speech, which can be falsified, non-verbal communication cannot be faked. Thus, it expresses the true feelings and emotions of a person. Non-verbal information is also beneficial in creating of impressions (Samovar, Porter & McDaniel, 2009, 245). This application is mainly applied during interviews where by an interviewer can judge the interviewee from the impression created even without being told. For instance, a fidgeting interviewee will be judged as timid and shy even if that is not the case. ...
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Importance of Non-verbal Communication name: Subject: Non-verbal communication refers to the art of sending messages to individuals without speaking. Receiving messages through non-verbal signals does not necessarily mean that the sender intended to send signals…
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