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Name: Instruction: Task: Date: Existentialism The debate of the existence of God has been around for a long time and is still in progress. There are also different philosophies that guide these conflicting opinions. This is in terms of the existing principles and doctrines that influence humanity to believe in a deity.


Tragic Sense of Life by Miguel de Unamuno is a philosophical work that borders on the doctrines of existentialism. The author believes the philosophy of life should be based on the experiences of a person. This suggests there is a need to cultivate one’s personality and character as espoused in the writings. On that account, the author considers himself a man of contradiction because while he values the sense of individuality, he also supports the existence of God. This is in support of the creation theory and the primitivism of man to rely on a nature and consciousness (Unamuno 159). Additionally, he views himself as a man of contradiction because he supports both aspects of individuality and religious fanaticism towards a deity called God. Therefore, the contradictory, opposing elements in this case entail indoctrination of man toward nature and alienation toward God. Furthermore, it is important to prove the existence of God if one has to understand the being of God. Those philosophical elements are contradictory in terms of disputing the existence of God and the use of faith and reason to evaluate matters. There are also many rational reasons why he feels the opposition is the source of his life’s unity. For example, the unity of man emanates for the deep belief in a god that is in control of both humanity and nature (Unamuno 158). ...
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