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The Nature Of The Human Soul

type of approach used 2. mortality status 3. purpose 4. knowledge 5. types or parts of the soul 6. distinguishing characteristics 7. relation between body and soul 8. origin Plato takes a spiritual approach to understanding the nature of the soul. He sees the soul as an immortal being, whose origin is in a spiritual world of perfect forms. He contrasts this with the physical world, which is a mere imitation of this perfection (Page, 2003). There are three phases of the soul, relative to humans. There is a prenatal phase, the embodiment phase, and a postmortem phase. Plato believes that reason, emotion and desire comprise the soul (Velitchkov, 2009). They function with sequential differences from the womb, through life and after death. The purpose of the soul, from Plato’s perspective, is to carry knowledge to the body, but its duration there is of little meaning, since true meaning can only be in the spiritual world of perfect forms, not in this imitation world. In fact, Plato feels that the soul is distinct from the body, pre-dates and outlasts it, is imprisoned by the body, and achieves liberation only at death. ...Show more


Nature of the Human Soul: Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, and Me From ancient days to modern, the human soul has long been an intriguing topic for conversation, media, religious and political dissent, ritual celebrations, art, and scholarly dialogue. From soul-snatching sci-fi thrillers to pulpit-pounding theologians, from the execution of Socrates to Japanese fetus memorial spaces, from Soul Music to “The Scream,” the soul is variously explored…
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