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Montaigne's Apology for Raymond Sebond

They are founded on ones capability to provide sufficient testimony to sustain such claims. He argues that anything can appear truthful or not depending on one’s interpretation and the amount of backing provided to support the claims. In Montaigne’s view, it is a person’s ability to provide irrefutable evidence, which determines if he or she appears stupid or clever, obscure or inconsistent. However, there is always the likelihood that someone else will dispute any idea, agree with it, or be at a tangent to it. In his opinion, Montagne argues that the different perceptions or considerations are what have given value to many things worth nothing. In this essay, the problematic issue is on the question of whether honey is sweet, or bitter. The discussion revolves around Heraclitus, Protagoras, and Democritus and Pyrrhonists opinions regarding the taste of honey. According to Heraclitus and Protagoras, honey has both qualities of being sweet and bitter. On the other hand, Democritus argues that honey is neither sweet nor bitter while Pyrrhonists claims not to know whether honey is sweet or bitter. This is an analysis of the different views regarding the reliability of senses as trackers of truth. Each of the four philosophers tries to support their own opinion. ...
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Montaigne's Apology for Raymond Sebond Introduction Montaigne explores different contrasting opinions regarding sense, trait, and human knowledge. The human knowledge is founded on the senses. It is through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, nose, hands, as well as other body parts that we view and judge the world…
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