Ryle's criticisms of Cartesian Dualism

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Ryle's Criticisms of Cartesian Dualism Table of Contents I. Ryle's Criticisms of Cartesian Dualism 3 II. Account of the Mind Offered by Ryle to Replace Cartesian Dualism 6 III. Weighing in on Ryle and Descartes: On Which of the Two Accounts is More Plausible 8 Reference List 10 I.


This extends to existence as having two separate planes, a material existence and a mental existence, with the two planes diametrically opposed to each other and separated profoundly, having no link of causation between the two. In the physical world, people can communicate, but the mental conscious world is completely hidden from view and unknowable by others. To the question of what kind of knowledge can be obtained by the mind's workings, the Cartesian dualist perspective asserts that consciousness is able to get a good grasp of the present workings of one's mind, which cannot be shaken as unreal, in spite of inputs by Freud with regard to some unconscious, subconscious impulses that can also govern the conscious processes. The data is presented within the immediate time frame, available to the consciousness or mind. Together with this data are the fruits of one person’s going into himself, introspectively, to examine his mind's contents as a kind of self-observation. The other, meanwhile, is not privy and is completely shut out of this immediate consciousness experience. Even language is said to reflect this view of consciousness as something innate and to which the external actions in the environment register and make impressions. ...
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