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Essay example - Can a society that has developed agriculture still be a Leaver society, or is it doomed to be a society of Takers?

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Can a society that has developed agriculture still be a Leaver society, or is it doomed to be a society of Takers? Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact Can a society that has developed agriculture still be a Leaver society, or is it doomed to be a society of Takers?…

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They indulge in a string of meetings, wherein Ishmael lends a hand to the narrator in comprehending the cultural history of humans. Ishmael holds the view that there are two breeds of human beings; the Leavers and the Takers. While the so called Takers are those who become sophisticated, by virtue of their faculty of intelligence, the Leavers are supposed to represent the category that has remained where they belong, purportedly living their lives in a way that the Takers could not. However, by virtue of embracing a new concept and living by it does not make a human a simple taker. This becomes valid when one considers every aspect that this person leaves to takes another. This is how the transition of humans from agriculture to the extreme of technology has taken place. Thus, to conclude that those who developed agriculture, eschewing their existence as hunters, are doomed to be a society of Takers is not a justifiable proposition. First consideration is the statement, “I’m going to call the people of your culture Takers and the people of all other cultures Leavers” (Quinn 21). ...
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