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Outline the important features of utilitarianism and explain and asses one criticism of the theory. Do you think utilitarianism - Essay Example

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Outline the important features of utilitarianism and explain and asses one criticism of the theory. Do you think utilitarianism

In addition, I will justify that in essence communism is utilitarianism. Finding therefore at least one problematic issue with communism, as a socio-economic means of organizing society will then lead us to discover at least a significant drawback against utilitarianism. I will build up my case by introducing important features of utilitarianism, the association between communism and utilitarianism and the actual state of communism in Cuba. Important features of utilitarianism Based on the readings, I was able to sort some important attractive features of utilitarianism. The following are some of its considerable characteristics. One promising mark of utilitarianism is its emphasis placed on the welfare of each person. It strongly adheres to a moral act of doing the right thing that could substantially address individual welfare. It places no other significant value to anything other than this by trying to recognize individuals could feel pain and pleasure. Maximizing this pleasure is the good thing to do, and alleviating or eliminating pain is of the same paramount importance. This substantially fits into the general point of utilitarian theory to maximize happiness. The utilitarian principle also emphasizes the idea that it is a good thing to do if individuals could maximize their ability for making the best they can for the world. This means everyone has the opportunity to use maximum ability to make the world a better place to live in. This is pretty attractive as humans certainly do want to live in a world where there is no conflict, but everything around is for the best of sustaining their interests and preserving their lives. Thus, this would promote maximum happiness for everyone. By trying to maximize happiness for the greatest number of people, utilitarianism tries to promote the idea that impartiality is the right thing to do. Utilitarianism seeks not to focus on minimum needs, but rather the common good of the greatest number of people for maximum pleasures. It always looks forward to the welfare of the majority so it tries to promote impartiality in all circumstances or situations so as to be consistent with its goal to maximize happiness. For instance, advancing the lower classes as integral components of the majority in the case of communism is for the common good and it seeks to essentially maximize happiness. Thus, this makes communism as the philosophy of utilitarianism in a way that its existence can be viewed as a socio-economic means of organizing society, for the common good, and would therefore maximize happiness. Finally, another important feature of utilitarianism is its ability to address moral dilemmas. Some would try to emphasize that what is right could be subjective at some point. Everybody could claim their basic rights. It is here were conflicts and even moral dilemmas would arise. Utilitarian theory tries not to make this as a problem by being consistent with the idea that if the majority is happy then a certain action is good, but if a certain move does not create maximum pleasure for most of the people then it is not the right thing. So there is no moral dilemma considered in the utilitarian principle making it less problematic in understanding morality. It does not further ask what right does the majority has over the minority for as long as the majority is h ...Show more


Introduction There are many theories associated with understanding what is good and bad. One of them is the Utilitarian theory which tries to emphasize what is the right thing to do. Utilitarianism lays its basic foundation on maximizing happiness, which makes the greatest good for the greatest number of people to have more significant value in determining what is good or bad…
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Outline the important features of utilitarianism and explain and asses one criticism of the theory. Do you think utilitarianism essay example
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