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Name Institution Course Instructor Date How is it that the soul is immoral and imperishable? This paper will seek to explain how the soul is immoral and imperishable. Diverse sources used by evolutionary psychologists opine that afterlife; people will go either to heaven or to hell.


Particularly, the soul is immoral in the aspect that people represent the wholeness of all the others in the entire world. In simple terms, take for example the analogy of an ocean. The ocean comprises of many drops of water; every drop is a single entity and at the same time, forms at least a part of the entire ocean. Thus, in this ocean filled with life, human beings are little drops. This doctrine indicates that every person must identify himself with life for in everything that lives, the majesty of life in God’s presence perpetuates. Scholars point out that blood and flesh do not have the power to inherit God’s Kingdom. Additionally, they go ahead to state that the perishable cannot inherit the imperishable. For instance, many Greeks rejected Pluto’s argument towards death. To those who opposed, death’s prospect caused a sense of terror, thus clarifying the mystery (96).This means that our mortal bodies do not have the ability to inherit the Kingdom of God as well as that which is perishable cannot what is imperishable. This shows that the soul is imperishable and immoral in that, when people talk of inheriting the kingdom of God, they do not exactly mean they will go physically to claim it. However, their souls will claim God’s kingdom. Agreeably, people die after serving their life existence in this world (86). ...
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