Are We Free to Choose? Or, Are Our Actions Determined by Outside Forces?

Are We Free to Choose? Or, Are Our Actions Determined by Outside Forces?  Essay example
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In this case study of Kenneth and Emily, we see them making some strange decisions due to what happened in the past. The decisions they make may be out of free will or not depending on the psychological impact they have on them.


It is very clear from the experiences of Emily and Kenneth that the two were psychologically unfit to make a decision out of free will. Part Two: Argument analysis. Most of the time people make decisions and later regret why they make such moves. In decisions made out of free will, people do not regret on the consequences of their actions. Emily and Kenneth regretted on their actions because they suffered. Since individual choices come with responsibility, we need to have the right kind control over our will and desire in the appropriate way. Although determinism may present an upfront challenge in that we are not free in choosing our desires or in acting on them. In this natural world, everything we do is determined by what occurred before. For instance, in the case of the teenager, Kenneth Jackson, his unruly conduct seem to have developed over time as a consequence and response to his sexual molestation by the step-father and an unstable family or poor parenting upon divorce by his parents. ...
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