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Name: Instruction: Task: Date: Existentialism There are different and interesting aspects of existentialism that reflect on the life of human beings. This begins with the feelings of anger, despair, absurdity and facticity among others. Therefore, according to famous existentialists such as Jean Sartre, Albert Camus and Soren Kierkegaad, existentialism is a philosophy that its existence comes before essence.


In that case, there are elements of existentialism in both pop and high culture such as films, novels and paintings among others. Existentialism is a cultural and philosophical movement that the experiences of an individual are the defining point of all philosophical thinking (Flynn 145). Therefore, in a short story such as ‘To Build a Fire’ by Jack London, it is about the unfortunate tale of a man who falls victim to the power of nature. This happens when he goes for an expedition to a wild environment in Yukon with sub-freezing temperatures. The man struggles against the hostility of the weather when his feet get wet through the ice that is found in water including a hot freezing point. Therefore, in order to save himself, it is upon man to generate some warmth by lighting a fire to prevent his feet from freezing. On that brief account, the theme of existentialism is depicted in the inability of man to extricate him from the turbulent forces of nature. In other words, the man is in a cruel habitat with indifference in terms of according him peace and harmony. It thus compels him to accept the meaningless and indignity of nature. ...
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