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Avant-garde Avant-garde refers to the art movement that emerged in Europe during early 20th century. It includes Dadaism, structuralism, futurism, and etc. Its outcome is based on imperfection which is as a result of accidents and unconsciousness. Avant-garde is against the social norms, and rejects the traditional art form and criteria of art, which is considered as pretty and beautiful.


Art works of a collage were strongly opposed to Avant garde because they were a symbol of instability to the society (Dickerman, 2005: 2). Since Avant-garde is an anti-art, it often get criticized and ignored by audiences. Even though its significance, “In fact, one could even say that the birth of art history as a discipline dates from the moment it was able to structure the vast amount of material it had neglected for purely ideological and aesthetic reason.(Foster, 2004 :35) ” According to Leah Dickerman in his Article, Introduction in Dada, he says, “Dada has often been discussed in terms of absurdity, nonsense, and anti art concepts with some justification in its rhetoric and thought, but which paradoxically tend to deflect further exploration of meaning(Dickerman, 2005: 1)”. Individuals have a tendency of having a comfortable life because “Everything revolves around the concept of value, one of the most complex and controversial concepts in Saussure. The sign is positive because it has a value determined by what it can be compared with and exchanged with within its own system. (Foster, 2004:36)” It is essential to look into Avant-garde and how the avant-garde artists are communicating with people using non traditional ways. ...
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