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Later books such as ‘The Metaphysics of Morals’, ‘The Critique of Practical Reason’ and many others were based on the principles of Groundwork, but in recent years many scholars have not been happy with the findings of Kant.


Conversely, the standards were either only based on desire and the tools of rationality or were emphasized on sui generis rational instincts. Kant also approved the basic principles described by his predecessors that were an examination of the practical reasons which will disclose the obligation that the rational mediators must rely on to believe in instrumental principles (Guyer, 2006).
However, he said that a non-instrumental principle called CI should be complied with to grasp the moral requirements there in, and should be visible to basic rational agency. The argument was based in the premise that outstanding doctrine must be considered as sovereign and self regulating, or free from the restrictions of self-sufficient will. Therefore, in Kant’s moral philosophy, the idea was to conceal the reason which outreaches the practical reasons that go beyond the Human ‘slave’ to his desires. Additionally, a self regulating reason in the life of every person could be based on the crucial grounds for reviewing the worthiness of equal respect and also equal importance. The most significant of Kant’s positions are compiled in The Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals’ which was later just called as ‘Groundwork’ but was a much more enriched and developed version (Wood, 2005). ...
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