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Final exam

Rather people are caught up with work issues that lead to stressful lifestyles. Philosophers Josef Pieper and Thoreau, Henry David both agree, with this idea of too much work being a hindrance to true happiness in a person’s life. Thoreau in his Walden and other writing book writes that, the reason he chose a solitude life for two years in a cabin in Walden Pond was in order to have more time to think. He writes that he prefers to spend his time thinking rather than working to acquire luxuries (Thoreau, 1950). This is because acquiring luxuries does not necessarily bring happiness and wellbeing into a person’s life. Josef in his book titled leisure: the basis of culture shows how important leisure is in perceiving life’s realities. He points out that it is only through leisure that religion can be embraced, because leisure creates time to contemplate Gods nature (Pieper, 1952). Creating leisure time away from our busy work schedule allows us to evaluate our lives more deeply. I agree with the views of the two philosophers because currently in the world many people are unhappy and stressed out yet they own big houses, cars among other luxuries. In addition workaholism has increased which leaves workers with less time to engage in religion, enjoy nature and reflect on their lives. ...
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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Final exam Question 1 The idea that is most important to me is why human beings are never satisfied and happy with what they have. People are obsessed with working hard to become rich yet they never have enough. The more they obtain, the more they work hard and desire to own more…
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