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Student's Full Name: Professor's Name: PHIL 130 (A response paper to a biomedical ethics issue) 24 October 2012 (estimated word count = 1,009) Introduction The scientific studies conducted on animals to obtain crucial data has always raised important and critical moral issues.


Moreau, the classic science fiction novel by famed author Herbert George Wells in which animals and humans were grafted into each other in various combinations, producing instead a distinct class of sub-humans. Anything that is considered as cruel, unusual or painful experimentation on animals is now prohibited due to the adoption of these ethical standards as a safeguard against unauthorized experiments. Moral ethics has been around for quite some time; the issues related to it had been discussed in great detail by the ancient Greek philosophers. Ethics today has entered into many areas of human endeavors, such as its increasing adoption by global businesses in the form of corporate social responsibility that has tempered the search for profits under capitalist free markets. Giant strides in medical technologies only fairly recently presented a new set of moral dilemmas, for which people are sometimes not too prepared to deal with, issues like euthanasia, abortion, organ donations, brain death, palliative medicine and the surrogate pregnancy trend in which more women are now willing to rent out their wombs for a fee. In this regard, this paper examines the biomedical issues related to whether animals also have the same rights as people and the propriety of continuing conducting experiments on animals. ...
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