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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Jason and DeMarco Jason and DeMarco stand outside what one might consider the norm with relation to contemporary Christian music and/or lifestyle. However, the ministry that they provide is no less rooted in the faith and understanding of what modern Christianity means to humankind than perhaps more mainstream artists might be.


Although unorthodox, this brief analysis will work to examine Jason and DeMarco’s ministry as a function of how it compares to the mores of mainline Christianity and how it might differ. In order to accomplish such a task, the author has pulled together resources from Jason and DeMarco’s own website, their biography as expounded upon in a July 2004 issue of The Advocate, as well as selected works from their own discography and select music videos in the hopes of better understanding how they relate to mainstream Christianity. The clear and obvious fact of the matter is that this duo is most differentiated by the fact that they are a homosexual couple; while at the same time they are a musical group that works to promote the love of Christ throughout the communities they serve. Although Jason and DeMarco describe their spiritual mission as concentric upon witnessing to and spreading the word of God within the LGBT community, the group appeals to Christians of all sexual orientations as well. From a standpoint of their ministry, the most positive factor is that the duo has not let their homosexuality serve as a reason for not pursuing their faith. ...
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