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Student’s name: Lecturer’s name: Course: Date: Causal determinism is a term used to refer to the state of having a condition or set of conditions that are sufficient to cause the event that occurs. This translates to the view that the state of the world at any given time holds an influence on the state of the world at the next moment meaning that, the state of the world is dependent on the events that place before the actual events that take place later.


This is in relation to the creation of the perfect conditions and circumstances that lead to the various actions and events in which man participates and engages. This is in the belief of having freedom of choice to make a free decision, as to what one want. However, it is not the case as all events are present beyond one’s control in the form of having the past play a crucial role in the future. In light of this, if one were given sufficient and comprehensive information on every particle that influences his or her decisions, it would be remotely possible to come up with every scenario that is likely to occur in the course of his or her lifetime. This means that, free will is a concept limited to beliefs that man holds in relation to his inability to acquire information on all aspects of life that are relevant to his wellbeing. This implies that causal determinism takes precedence over free will, as the two are independent aspects that occur contrary to one another. In addition, psychology dictates that, in the deterministic world where causal determinism thrives, the events that take place are based on human behavior and neural functions (Smith and Oaklander 73). ...
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