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The Role of Dignity in Kants and Mills System

On the other hand, Kant’s system encourages action based on the good will. Although the two systems differ, dignity plays a fundamental role in both systems. In both cases, appreciating human dignity influences an individual’s actions. According to Kant, dignity takes a central place in the good will philosophy. Kant argues that humanity equals dignity. Accordingly, all people should strive to protect the dignity of others by having good will in their actions. Having a bad will imply lack of respect for other people. If one has bad will, he or she is likely to exploit others and use them as just a means to achieve. This is the reason why Kant advocates for all people to have respect for each other’s dignity. According to Kant, dignity drives people to perform their duties. In his system, people have to recognize their dignity for them take the responsibility of fulfilling their duties. These duties often have harmony with the laws of nature. In addition, any legislation in society must have a basis on dignity. It becomes apparent that appreciating human dignity of the self and of others is very crucial in Kant’s moral system. One will obey moral laws because of the dignity he or she attaches to self and to others. In this way, no one will act treacherously as that will be betraying the human dignity. ...
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Utilitarianism promotes happiness for the entire society and requires that all people act to promote this ‘happy state’. On the other hand, Kant’s system encourages action based on the good will…
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