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Critical Thinking & Application Paper - Case Study Essay example
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Critical Thinking & Application Paper - Case Study Name University I. Identification. The main ethical issue in the case study - Is it ethical to deny one a position they deserve such as a job due to their physical appearance? Does the same amount to fairness if it will avoid future conflict?


Is it ethical to do the wrong thing if it will please the majority and ensure harmony? Does dismissing Darrell through a criterion that is ethically and professionally unacceptable, constitute an ethical decision if the committee members are doing the wrong in order to please the mass of student whose interests they are supposed to primarily serve? Is it ethical to sacrifice Darrell as some committee members opt to do for the sake of harmony within the school and to ensure that the previous situation whereby the lecturer was unpopular with the students was not witnessed again? Is it ethical to dispense the laid down hiring procedures and criteria of dismissal as some members opt to? Is it ethical to make a moral choice if it is likely to bring conflict in future? The main reason why the issue of hiring or failing to hire Darrell raises the case’ main ethical issue is because the article revolves around Darrell’s plight due to his physical appearance and how fair each decision made either to hire him or otherwise will be to him and to the students. This is because such a choice will most probably be guided by his looks and not his professional qualifications and capabilities as the ideal case should be. II. Research. ...
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