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Essay example - Freud and Levi-Strauss' explanations of the roles and positions of women in kinship structures

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Oedipus the King and The Hours have different stories that unlock the mysteries of traditional flaws. The two stories are considered as the best novels of Sophocles for Oedipus the King and Michael Cunningham for the Hours. …

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You must discuss TWO or THREE texts and make clear what parts of Freud and Levi-Strauss' theories you are using. Introduction Oedipus the King and The Hours have different stories that unlock the mysteries of traditional flaws. The two stories are considered as the best novels of Sophocles for Oedipus the King and Michael Cunningham for the Hours. The two stories will be tackled in this paper as their contextual framework base on the roles of women will be explored. With such purpose, the present paper will be significant in terms of using the psychological and socio-cultural basis of the two famous contemporaries (Freud for the latter and Levi-Strauss for the former) whose disciplines and theoretical concepts will be used to reflect for the ageless literature of Sophocles and modern literature in the advancement of the 21st century of Michael Cunningham. Jocasta’s role in Oedipus the King Jocasta has been troubled with fate that brought her family and the whole land into nuisance. Jocasta became the wife of his own son, Oedipus. Jocasta could not bear the truth and felt shame based on what happened to her situation. She killed herself after knowing the truth (Johnston 2007, 63). She felt being humiliated by faith. Women’s Roles and Relationships in “The Hours” The movie has three main characters whose lives are interestingly similar with their life experiences and struggles in life. ...
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