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Author’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Name October 25 2012 I volunteered at Brando woods where I was going to take a therapy dog, before my visit, I was both nervous and curious. Nervous, because I did not know how the residents would take to me or my dog and curios because there were some ethical ideas I had learned in class and I thought a firsthand experience in a home would help me understand them.


I hoped learn how the elderly folk felt about the situation, how they managed to cope with different people and form new relationships so late in their lives. When I arrived on the first day, I had to go to the administration offices, and they had a vet check out my dog. The dog was healthy, I strolled over to the park/park where many of the senior citizens were resting under shady trees and some playing chess. I had not been in the park for more than 3 minutes when three elderly women beckoned me with charming smiles. One of them was on a wheelchair, and I helped her put the dog on her lap, she seemed immensely pleased and brushed it coat contentedly with a wistful look. She told me that she liked pets because they never judge, besides, her pets did look down on her because of her disability like people used to do before she came here. From this, I surmised that, at some point people had discriminated because of her condition. The fact that she was sitting with her friends now grooming dog and seemingly enjoying herself brought to mind the ideas of Ruth Benedict on ethical relativism. While her disability made her looked down upon among “normal” people, here among many elderly and some with worse conditions she was accepted, and no one discriminated her (Benedict 49). ...
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