Is Abortion Right or Wrong?

Is Abortion Right or Wrong? Essay example
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Abortion is the termination of the embryo from the uterus before it is viable in order to end pregnancy.Additionally, it is the situation where the pregnancy is terminated intentionally after conception so that it does not lead to the birth of the baby


In most cases, it is carried out in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. Abortion is morally wrong because it brutalizes the person who performs the act and deprives or denies the fetus right to live. Killing a person denies them opportunities to their experiences, projects, activities and enjoyment that they would have made in the future. What makes abortion worse is the fact that the victim is not only denied experiences and projects but there are some other things, which the aborted fetus cannot enjoy now but would have experienced them in future. Abortion permits women to terminate their pregnancies, and it involves the killing of the fetus. The issue of abortion is an intricate matter to discuss because it depends under what circumstances it is conducted. The prochoice argue that abortion is a right that should be respected by all people and institutions in that it should not be limited. Contrary to this, prolife argue that life begins at conception and therefore, termination of pregnancy is not acceptable since it is the killing of the unborn baby. It is not good to authorize abortion when women who are unable to conceive are willing and ready to adopt. For a long time, proponents of abortion have argued that a developing fetus is not a human being, therefore, it is ending the pregnancy not the child because according to them personhood starts at birth and not at conception as argued by the Prolife. ...
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