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Rawlsian Maximin Principle and Utilitarianism Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Rawlsian Maximin Principle and Utilitarianism Critique of the Utilitarianism establishes an intricate scrutiny of the social justice, which is developed by John Rawls in his first book, "A Theory of Justice.” There are weaknesses of the Utilitarianism that depict the need for an alternative theory, whereby in numerous phases of argument the test for sufficiency of the theory that Rawls discusses demonstrates its superiority to the Utilitarianism.


Rawls’s argument that we should maximin instead of maximize leads to a fascinating standoff, whereby the argument for maximin appeared not compelling, but it was straight additive maximization of utilitarian in a way that revealed the possible function associated with morality that people are expected to maximize. In fact, according to Rawls, the utilitarianism is not straight based on taking maximandum, which refers to the things that are to be maximized that is utility instead of the primary social goods. Moreover, the idea of maximizing the key social goods is not appealing, since it fails to pursue the maximization of utility. Therefore, the espousal of the ideal legitimacy in political Liberalism does not have an effect on the conclusions and arguments that are developed to reinforce the ideal with respect to justice as fairness in utilitarianism and Rawlsian theories (Arneson, 2000). There is another problem with the utilitarianism, which is associated with the tenuous association with liberalism, whereby in prominent situations of aggregate goods of numerous, people outweigh the few individuals. ...
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