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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: Happiness Introduction Various philosophers including the olden day’s philosophers such as Aristotle and modern philosophers such as Kant have difference of opinion on the subject of happiness and the link between spending a good life and happiness (Pojman 301).


Those who are in the favor of the kind of happiness recognized by Aristotle believe that happiness is an objective element and not a subjective one and to recognized whether one is happy or not requires inquiry and not only introspection. Body The feeling of happiness does not last for a longer period of time. Certain times an individual experiences higher level of happiness as compared to other times and it is undoubtedly a fact that an individual might experience state of happiness at one moment and might even face unhappiness at the other moment. According to Bentham an individual gives more importance to events of happiness that lasts for a longer period of time (Pojman 122). Aristotle claims that stability is very important for one to be happy and the identification of whether an individual is happy or not can only be judged over an extended period of time (Pojman 305). According to a conventional tradition a person was said to be happy if he is really happy throughout his life. Happiness is desired by every one and everybody wants to experience it throughout their lives but individuals experience various events throughout their lives and they may at a certain point in time loose their feeling of happiness. ...
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