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Plato's Meno and Thomas Aquinas on "Justice" in the text Four Cardinal Virtues

In light of the above, Plato pointed to virtue as being a benefit to the social order and helpful to both the individual and the society (Rist 89). On the other hand, Socrates had the view that every individual has the rationality of doing right and no one can harm another while in his or her right mind. Moreover, Aquinas text on justice in the Four Cardinal Virtues point to justice as being a component of virtue. Justice aims at correcting the wrong doers in the society in a bid to make the societal order friendlier for human inhabitance. The process of applying justice involves forms of punishment. From this, we can deduce that in order to maintain justice, some forms of punishment must be administered upon the wrongdoers (Rist 138). Aquinas rightfully puts justice as a part of virtue, and punishment being related to justice, it is viable to conclude that punishment also constitutes a virtue. Technically, though, punishment cannot be termed as a virtue since it is under the jurisdiction of justice (Rist 149). As such, it can only be mentioned in the context of justice, which then extends to virtue, thereby showing the interrelation between the three. Justice tries to respect the rights of others as highlighted by Aquinas. ...
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Name: Instruction: Task: Date: Ethics Ethics refers to the morally acceptable behavior and the way that an individual carries oneself around while interacting with people. Ethics in a society are composed of virtues, which are deeds that add value to the society to both the person who partakes in it and those in the surrounding…
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