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Name Professor Course Date Contrasting two views of love proposed in Symposium 1 Men have been forced to create songs and write literature because of the moving power of love. This power usually drives people to the greatest level of bliss and to the lowest level of dismay as well.


In fact, write-ups on this subject are among the iconic literature ever written. The concept of Eros emanates from a Greek word locus classicus and the agape love has been enjoined by the human understanding of love. This has become the source of much creative literature on this subject the world over, especially in the western countries. In fact, for the westerners have got two conceptions on this subject. An example is that they there are those who believe in the combination of Eros and agape love, whereas, the rest are staunch Christians who strongly believe in Jesus teachings (Cooksey, 144). The former school of thought though criticized on the ground that it is self-centered and weird in some manner. This notwithstanding, many people across the globe have embraced it because of the urge to explore more on this exciting topic. This subject requires much discretion in its presentations hence is has been associated with the discipline of philosophy. It is because of its nature that only poets have managed to explore it. However, in as much as love is subject to philosophical analysis, it differs from the latter. The view of Eros love has its genesis in the past traditional setting. It is easy to fathom and appreciate the credibility of the premises of this view on love from this angle of view. Indeed love is a feeling of power, authority and security. ...
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