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God's excistance

The world as we know is full of evils which are rampant and this could not have come from the God that was acclaimed traditionally. Mill believed that though God existed, he was either limited in power or was not entirely benevolent. This means that he purposefully lets the evils that ail society to take place and rids them when he sees necessity or when one seeks intervention2. Emily is a victim of the evil that is rampant in the world. She is haunted and possessed by evil spirits which take control of her after she leaves home for college. The whole idea of God being entirely benevolent is fogged up by the fact that Emily is overcome by the forces which are beyond her control, which are the evil spirits after she chooses to discontinue her medication and rely entirely on her faith in God to help her overcome the evil spirits that taunt her. In the film, Emily is overcome by forces which she cannot control. The forces turn out to be evil spirits. She is initially advised to use medication so that she can overcome these evil spirits which seem to be slowly taking control of her. She starts speaking in quire tongues and getting in to a trance where she starts being destructive and her behaviors become shocking. ...
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God’s Existence (Insert name) (Course instructor) (Course name) (Date) God’s Existence The film The Exorcism of Emily Rose depicts Emily as a woman that is in need of God’s intervention in order to save her from the evils spirits tormentingas argued out by John Stuart Mill…
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