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Complete Name: Course: Title: The Principle of Natural Law by Thomas Aquinas Through the Summa Theologica, Aquinas states that “the natural law is nothing else than the rational creature’s participation of the eternal law” where the eternal law constitutes the principle that demonstrates the intellect of God in designing and directing His creation toward the goal of perfection.


Man typically behaves in accordance with the nature that leads to the good or what is ideal as convened or sought after by the majority of members in the society. By natural law, this setting enables men to compete with each other exhibiting skills that are subject to desired recognition but the problem emerges when, in an effort to improve, an individual tends to consider deceitful schemes to outwit others and succeed thereafter. Because we all live in a society, the law of nature drives us to excel with the potentials that we have, it is inevitable to think constantly of matters that bring good to ourselves. To Aquinas, anything good is within precepts or dictates of the human intellect over which natural law governs. By knowing what is good for us as humans with the power of will and intellect, we allow nature to direct our capacities to the attainment of such good and Aquinas further claims that our knowledge of the good comes with our knowledge of the opposite so that the natural law automatically guides our path of thinking and action in discord with the bad or evil. ...
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