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Abortion and Its Ethicality

Two individuals who have been popularly involved in this argument are Mary Anne Warren who supported it and Don Marquis, a philosopher who is against it. Both these individuals present compelling bases for their arguments and bring out valid points on the subject. Mary Anne Warren supports abortion rights with her main argument being that fetuses cannot actually be said to be persons. She goes on to set out a number of criteria that should be met for one to be considered an actual person. This involved characteristics such as the existence of consciousness and in particular the ability to feel things such as pain and to be aware of their surroundings.The other abilities that Mary Anne listed included communication, reasoning, self motivated movement and the presence of self awareness, which meant that the individual had to be aware of their existence. Mary Anne argued that since a fetus had none of these capabilities then it could not actually be considered as a person, and thus the act of abortion cannot be construed as taking a life.This is because the fetus would not be aware that it even had a life to live and technically speaking it would not have developed to the stage where it could be considered to be a life/person and thus the act of abortion would be preventing the process of it developing into a person but could not be classified as the taking of a person’s life as no person had yet developed for their life to be taken . ...
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Abortion has been a topic that has been the source of many arguments, with one side supporting it while the other rallies against it.Unfortunately, no middle ground has been able to be arrived at by these two sides and most people are either for it or against it…
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