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Name Instructor Course Date Ending Life Ethics Biomedical ethics refers to the principles that govern the morals, judgment and values in medicine. There are many principles that govern the behavior and action of doctors and other medical staff in the profession.


Such cases require the use of the key principles that will assist one in understanding and responding to the cases. Doctors choose the best course of action to take on patient with the help of these principles. The case that the book presents is an example of such conflict of different principles. The patient, John H, has his personal reservations regarding the treatment that he prefers. He had requested no further treatment on him and that he should not undergo resuscitation. John’s condition worsens, which induces him to request his doctor to do something to help him. John suffers from internal bleeding, and if the doctors do not attend to his condition, he will lose his life to blood loss. His personal doctor, Dr. W. believes that they should respect John’s original decision and administer no treatment on him. However, the oncologist, Dr. R. believes that the best interest of saving John’s life should take precedence over his initial decision of no additional treatment (DeGrazia 56). The case presents a conflict between the preferences of the patient and the values of the medical profession. Dilemma exists about the best response to give to the case and the patient's request that will guide the doctors in making their decisions. The doctors need to understand the principles involved in the above case before deciding on the best response. ...
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