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The Bleakness and Humiliation of Our World

Singer’s arguments in his article are that the suffering and death that are due to the lack of shelter, medical care, and food are damaging. That we ought, morally, to sacrifice anything that is of comparable moral importance when there is the power to prevent some things terrible from taking place, for instance, one might get wet in order that he or he saves a drowning a child. Singer also argues that it is the obligation of all to prevent the terrible thing. This is, in fact, to preventing people dying from starvation by trying to give food, money to famine relief than one does. The other argument is that by giving more money to famine relief that one do in normal circumstances, and then he or she is not sacrificing anything that is morally significant. The last argument Singer presents in his article is that we should give more to famine relief than we do. Therefore, the surest way to prevent lack of food and shelter without sacrificing anything that is of comparable moral importance is by giving maximally. That we ought to give maximally, or in other term, give at least much more than we currently do (Singer, 2005). ...
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The Bleakness and Humiliation of our World Name Institution The Bleakness and Humiliation of our World In his article, Famine, affluence, and morality, Singer’s goal is that the wealthy countries that are substantially stable, for instance USA should have a moral obligation to provide far more than the actual do in the international aid for disaster relief, famine relief among others…
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